Jinbei DPX1000 Professional Studio Flash


Model: DPX-1000
Output: 1000Ws
Guide Number: GN98
Recycling Time: 0.05-1.1s
Flash Power veriation: LCD1.0-7.0, 7 F-stop for 1.0&0.1 Flash power variation
Charging Indication: LED display/ Buzz Switch/ Modeling Lamp
Flash Duration to t=0.5: 1/900-1/2700s
Color Temperature: 5500K+/-150K Voltage Stabilization: 1%
Modeling Lamp: 25W Led
Modelling lamp Variability: proportional, complete, ABEI, OFF

6.299,00 EGP

0.05s-1.1s Super Fast recycling time at Full power output
High intensity continuous shooting, Capturing high quality images, Improve shooting efficiency
7F-stop for 1.0&0.1 Flash power variation
Flash output with constant Color temperature ±150K
25W LED modeling lamp with higher brightness and long service life under 3200K





Weight 4 kg


1000 W