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Top Hand Grip w Cold Shoe Mount (Aleti)

1.099 EGP


The top handle is designed for handheld shooting, can hold the weight of a large cage rig with various attachments with ease.

Extension Camera Handle On the top, front, back, top of back of the handle, there is a cold shoe for microphone, LED lights, monitor mounts, EVF mounts.

Quick Release Handle Grip With 3/8 inch thumb screw on bottom, it allows you to quick mount and dismount directly and save your time on operation. Also, it equipped with a built-in allen wrench at the bottom can prevent you from facing the problem of losing or forgetting, which is used to tighten the thumb screw.

Mounting Points The camera handle with abundance of 1/4inch and 3/8inch mounting points and ARRI standard locating hole for accessory attachment, the built-in 15mm rod clamp makes possible connecting a microphone mount, EVF mount, etc.

Compatibility Camera handle grip can mount the cage with 3/8″ ARRI standard locating hole.

Weight 1 kg