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JINBEI HD-2 MAX Camera Flash Light HSS TTL Battery Power


Brand Name: JINBEI
Model Number: HD-2 PRO HSS/TTL Universal Hot Shoe
Compatible With: Canon/Nikon/Sony/Fuji/Olympus/Panasonic
Function: wireless remote control
Recycling Time:0.05~1.3S



Professional HSS/TTL Speedlite

Ω Flash Tube

2.8″ Touch Screen
Easy To Operate

Weight 1 kg


80 W



Compatible with cameras from Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus, Sony (Sony cameras via separately available adapter) thanks to the multi-compatible hot-shoe connection
▶︎ Maximum power of 80 Ws in 9 f-stops, can be used as a master flash, slave flash or speedlite, highly convenient operation via a bright 2.8″color touchscreen
▶︎ TTL mode, manual mode, HSS synchronization, synchronization on the 1st or 2nd shutter curtain
▶︎ Integrated, gradually adjustable LED modeling light, zoom of the flash head can be adjusted automatically or manually in 5 steps
▶︎ Powerful lithium-polymer battery with 1,600 mAh for over 450 releases when fully charged
the High speed sync HSS enables faster shutter speeds than the usual flash sync speeds. Depending on the camera model, this is enough 1/10,000 second .
the Freeze sync offers, depending on the camera model, even higher shutter speeds of up to 1/50,000 s (t = 0.5). With even shorter exposure times, you can freeze fast movements, flash against the sun and use wider apertures Portrait shots outdoors.
In the Sync on first shutter the flash is triggered with a short sync time at the beginning and then the ambient light is used to show the movement
In the Sync on the second shutter will the flash at the end of the
Shutter speed triggered with a short burn time after capturing motion over ambient light