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Jinbei DM-3 300Ws Portable Studio Monolight


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Model: DM-3
Max Power(WS): 300Ws
Flash duration(t=0.5):1/800~1/2200s
Color Temperature: 5500K±200K
Flash power variation:M:1.0~7.0(1/64-1/1)
Modeling Lamp (W): LED 15W modeling lamp,
Operating:AC95-265V 50/60Hz 10A Fuse

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Jinbei DM-3 300Ws Portable Studio Monolight

JINBEI DM-3 Protable studio flash, built-in 2.4G wireless has a comprehensive upgrade with sophisticated design, advanced technique and abundant functions, it excellent for wedding, advertisement, portrait, fashion, and glamour shooting
0.05-0.7s recycle time and 1/2200 to 1/800s flash duration, GN60 7steps (1/64-1/1) of power output, with 10 Groups (A~J), 16 Channels(00-15)
15W led modeling lamp with powerful brightness, Bowens mount adds various light shaping accessories, 0.7s recycle at full power & 5500±200K, Continuous shooting with constant color temperature
90-265V wide voltage,Compact and lightweight body, Portable and lightweight, tough and durable. Package contents:1 x DM-3 studio flash,1 x Power Cord,1 x Protector,1x Standard Reflector,1x TR-V6 Flash Trigger
Built-in wireless receiver with Channel and Group and flash triggering system (optional):(JINBEI TR-V6) Special trigger wirelessly controls flash power level, modeling light, buzzer, et, Compatible with Canon/Nikon/Sony/Fuji TTL&HSS

7 Stops Power Variation

Output Control Knob: 1.0-7.0(1/64-1/1)
7-F-stop Adjustable in 1.0 or 0.1 F-stop Fine

Super Fast Recycling Time

Recycle Time: 0.05~0.7s
0.9s Recycling Time in Full Power Output,
GN72, Capture Dynamic Images

LED Modeling Lamp

15W LED modeling lamp
heat-resistant glass protector ensure safety
10 Times Brighter against Quartz Lamp
Extended Service Life

Portable and Lightweight

Compact and lightweight
Easy to operate


Full Power 1000+ Continuous Shooting
Top quality capacitor and powerful cooling system
Voltage resistance, heat-resistant, long life

Excellent Color Reproduction

Standard color temperature
The best Choice for Studio/Wedding/Commercial

Bowens Mount

90-265V Jinbei (Bowens) standard accessory
mount, produce Various Light Shapers with
different accessories

2.4GHz Wireless Control

CH:16,00-15/ GR:10,A-J
2.4GHz Wireless System
Wireless system:Range>100m
Compatible with JINBEI TR-V6 Transmitter

Weight 2 kg

300 W




Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Sony


the DM-3 300Ws Portable Studio Monolight from Jinbei is a budget-friendly light source that’s a good choice for portraiture, products, and all-around use.
The flash has a seven-stop power range, recycles in 0.05 to 0.07 seconds to catch any fleeting gesture, and has a fast, action-stopping 1/800 to 1/2200 flash duration.
You can trigger the head with a sync cord via its 3.5mm socket but it also employs a 2.4 GHz wireless radio receiver that will respond to signals from an optional TR-V6 transmitter available for Nikon, Canon, and Sony cameras.
The receiver (and optional transmitter) have 16 channels with 10 groups to allow shooting in several setups or to light a large set without radio interference from other photographers.
The light also has a 10W LED modeling light that emits little to no heat.
The DM-3 300Ws Portable Studio Monolight is ready for worldwide use thanks to its 90 to 265 VAC universal power supply.