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Godox LED500LR 3200-5500k


  • Godox LED 500LR
  • Color Range: 5600K ±300K
  • LCD Control Screen
  • Brightness Range: 10 to 100%
  • LEDs: 504
  • Low 32W Electrical Draw
  • Remote Range: 65.6′

5.499 EGP


Portable and versatile, the Bi-color LED500LR Video Light from Godox provides a powerful, even beam of light in a small form factor. The light has a variable color range 3300-5600K and, depending on settings, controllable brightness from 10 to 100%.

Settings and other adjustments can be made on the light itself through the control panel or on wireless remote (available separately) that works at distances up to 20m.
The LED500LR is rated for output up to 2900 lux at 1m, drawing a maximum of 32W of power during use. The light has a built-in filter slot for light manipulation and also comes with a handle for handheld use.

Two power sources
Power for the panel comes from either two Sony L-series batteries (not included) or via the included DC power adapter.

In package:

LED500LR Video Light (Bi-color)
Power Adapter
Diffusion Filter
Original packaging

Weight 2 kg

Color Temperature


-Designed with four reflectors for better adjusting the light output on the shooting items.
-Premium 504pcs LED bulbs and wide screen offer high brightness.
-Wirelessly adjust brightness or color temperature.
-Wireless grouping system (6 groups & 16 channels).
-Lithium battery or DC charged.
-Excellent heat dissipation.
-Multiple using methods with great portability.
-Outfitted with a multi channels wireless remote controller.

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