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Portable Rechargeable LED Ligh DP-7164


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•Model No.: DP-7164

•Battery Capacity: 1800mAh

•Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz

•Current: AC 0.15A 1W

•Power: 4.2W

•Power Factor: 0.1

•Charge Time: 12 Hours

•Using Time: 2/5 Hours (Strong/Weak degree)


•Please don’t shot the LED light directly into eyes, it will harm eyesight. (Children should be guided by adults)

•Keep the light away from rain and wetness.

•Keep the light away from flammable and explosive.The charging time can not be more than 24 hours. (Suggest to charge at day time)

•Please cut off power supply immediately if any exception ihappened.

•Do not repair this product for non-professionals.

•Please install and use it properly according to manual. Do not arbitrarily modify lamps and replace parts.

•Please cut off the power when maintain product to prevent electric shock.

•The light source is irreplaceable. Please replace the entire fixture if light source to its end.

•Between the transformer live parts and the cable, the insulation is reinforced for this lamp

•If the power cord is damaged, Must be replaced with a dedicated cord or a dedicated component from its manufacturer or maintenance department.

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