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DP-666 Led Light Rechargeable Table lamp led


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Battery autonomy: 4/8 hours
volt: 90-220v 50/60Hz
– Brand: DP
– Model: DP-666
– Charging current: AC 0.1A 0.8W
– Battery capacity: 800 mAh
– Battery voltage: 4.2v
– Light power: 2.4w- Lumens: 120
– Material: ABS Dimensions: – Height: 5.6 cm. (closed)- Height: 37 cm. (Maximum opening)- Width: 7.3 cm.- Depth: 12.9 cm I
ncluded Items:- 01 Rechargeable LED Light.- 01 Power cable- 01 Packing


Ideal for your desk or low-light environments Do your work and reading with good lighting, and without harming your vision with this beautiful and practical table lamp.
Luminaire equipped with high efficiency LEDs.
For general or camping use. With LED lights it is perfect for various situations.
The DP LED-666 table lamp features a fully functional designer with a fully folding arm, which also helps to store it when not in use.
The 24 LED lamps have low power consumption, high efficiency and long life.
All in all, the DP LED-666 Table Lamp is an excellent product for your office table, desk or bedside table.
Features: – Foldable with articulated arm, you can use it in different positions – Uses 24 ultra white LEDs, the most modern on the market – Energy saving, highly bright, high lighting capacity – Super compact – Long-lasting battery – Two power options Light: Weak or Strong- It is multifunctional, it can be used as emergency lighting, lighting in closets, wardrobe, event, closets, external environment (not in the rain)- Autonomy 5 hours (Maximum luminous flux)- Autonomy 8 hours ( Minimum luminous flux )- Energy LED, indicates that the equipment is connected to the electrical network- Internal use- 90 days warranty Technical

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