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parabolic softbox fast open SL-70 / 90 / 120cm Bowens Mount

Model: parabolic SL-Sunlight
Material: Nylon material, Aluminum shaft
Size: Diameter: 70 /90 / 120cm
Color: Black

1.750 EGP2.250 EGP


softbox diameter70/ 90/120 CM supplied with a 2.8m high support. Very light, easy to carry.
Capture great photos with Softbox.
Our lighting solutions are perfect for indoor and outdoor photography, and can be used for portrait, product, event or landscape photography.
1.Inside with reflect silver and comes with front translucent diffuser, great for speedlite, monolight, strobe or slave.
2.Quick and easy way to produce beautiful diffused light.
3.Especially designed for speedlites and strobist, a must have for location shooting.
4. Independent monobloc flash heads
5.Designed for digital and film cameras.
6. All metal high quality construction.
7. Built in slave devices – no messy wires.
8. Compatible with all camera flash

Weight N/A

120CM, 70CM, 90CM