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Softbox 60x90cm Rectangular Softbox with Easy Bowens Mount


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  • Softbox 60x90cm Rectangular Softbox with Bowens Mount Speedring and Bag By General
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: 60X90cm
  • Shape:Rectangular,giving you better even lighting
  • COMPLETE ACCESSORIES : 1xInner diffuser+1x Outer diffuser, used to improve the hard / soft ratio of the flash’s versatility
  • FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY:60*90cm large size of the softbox makes it ideal for fashion photography, portraits and large size

750 EGP

4 in stock



Softbox 60x90cm Rectangular Softbox with Bowens Mount Speedring

– An internal & an external diffuser (both removable) for versatility in refining the hard/soft ratio of flash light
– Softbox is easily assembled using the softbox “skin”, four flex rods and a speed ring for the flash head
– The softbox fits for the 300w 400W 600w 800W 1000w studio flash.

– Softbox is designed to diffuse a strobe flash, giving you better even lighting.
– It comes with a silver reflective interior and a flush front face. It’s necessary in any professional portrait studio.


General information

Material Metal
Product Color Silver
General information
Product Color Black
Material Nylon, metal
Length 600mm
Width 900mm
Weight 930g

Softbox Type Rectangular Softbox
Coating Silver
size 60x90cm
Grid/Overlay No
Interdiffuser Yes
Bowens Mount

Any studio lamp or flash light with Bowens mount can support working.

Double-layer soft-light cloth design
The Softbox is inside and outside two layers of diffusers removable. hence you can get multiple options for lighting contrast, giving you better even lighting.

Carrying case
The Carrying case makes it possible to pack up your softbox anytime, anywhere.


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