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JINBEI Octabox Pro M-120 Diameter 120cm Studio Octagonal Studio Softbox with Bowens Mount


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Brand Name:JINBEI
Product Name:JINBEI Octabox Pro M-120
Suitable for:Strobe Flash
Usage:Portrait Photography

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The softbox enables one professional and natural lighting of the subject and generated natural-looking reflex light in the eyes.
That is why it is ideal for fashion and portrait photography.
The white material ensures that the light does not shine directly on the subject, so softer shadows fall and annoying reflexes avoided will.
Of the Interior diffuser also reduces the creation of a brighter area of light in the hotspot center.
Of ther Outside diffuser creates an enlarged light surface and fans out the light further Both diffusers also minimize the creation of annoying reflections on shiny surfaces, a fact that is of great use in portrait and product photography.
The included Bowens-style all-metal speed ring rotates a full 360° for precise placement.

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