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Godox LED 1000C 3200K To 5500K


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Godox LED 1000C

1024 LED bulbs(512pcs 5600K ; 512pcs 3300K) panel is lithium-ion or DC powered ,Wireless adjust brightness or color temperature
Wireless 433MHz grouping system (6 groups & 16 channels and Large-sized LCD panel. Setting auto saved.
Note: The Photography Led Lighting Changeable Version ,the temperature(Yellow and white) can change via Switch Button and remote controller(3300K-5600K),We still sell its White(5600K+-300K) and Yellow(3300K+-300K) which cant change the temperature.
This LED1000 video light provides a wide spectrum, beautifully soft and even illumination for video and still photography. The four reflective barndoors can maximize the light efficiency. Equipped with a remote control, this light can Wireless adjust its brightness and color temperature.


Godox LED 1000C
color: 3200K To 5500K
Model : LED 1000 Changeable Version
AC power Supply : AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Lithium Battery : 14.8V Lithium Battery (SONY BP-L model lithium battery) (Sold Separately)
Groups : 6Group(A,B,C,D,E)
Channel : 16
Power : 70W
Brightness (Lux): 4400 (1m/4200K): 2200 (1m/3300K) ;2200 (1m/5600K)
Light Brightness Range: 3300K/5600K: 10%~100% ;3400K~5500K: 25%~100%
LED Bead Quantity: 512pcs 5600K ; 512pcs 3300K
Operation Temperature: -10~50°C

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