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FEELWORLD TP10 Portable 10-inch Folding Teleprompter


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10-inch foldable beam split glass
Smartphone/Tablet prompting
Both DSLR camera & Smartphone horizontal/vertical screen shooting
Wide angle lens
APP, Bluetooth remote control
Portable carrying case


Universal Folding Teleprompter
Focus More on Your Performance, Lesser on Your Script
FEELWORLD TP10 is a folding and portable teleprompter which feature with 10-inch standard beam splitter allows you to clearly read scrolling text while looking directly into the camera, perfect for vlog, live broadcast, online class, video recording, interviews, video studio, news and presentation. No need to recite the script, confidence and charming! It can be prompted via smartphone or tablet while DSLR camera or phone is shooting. Supports wide angle lens, Android/iOS app, Bluetooth remote control, easy to operate, make the video production more efficient. Use with exquisite special storage case, more convenient to carry. It is ideal for video, program creator.
10-inch Standard Beam Split Glass
Present the prompted content clearly, shoot more eficient
The TP10 is equipped with 10-inch standard beam slipt glass, excellent transmissivity and reflection effect, keep clear and good imaging, improve the shooting effciency.
Folding Glass Design
Convenient to storage, being installed and used anytime
The beam split glass can be folded of TP10, the thickness of teleprompter only 27mm after folded which better protects the glass and convenient to storage.
Support Wide Angle Lens
Large field of veiw, large scene
The TP10 supports shooting with wide angle lens, providing large vision. DSLR and tablet prompting mode supports more than 24mm horizontal shooting and less than 35mm vertical shooting.
Smartphone/Tablet Clamp
Supports up to 11” tablet
TP10 is equipped with a mobile phone/tablet clamp, that can be used to place a smartphone or a tablet which under 11-inch for prompting to solve the need of text size. Please press the arrow button up and stretch when placing the tablet.
Various Lens Adapter Ring
The TP10 comes with eight standard lens adapter rings: 49/52/55/58/62/67/72/77mm. You can choose the one of them for your camera lens, prompting connection of the camera and teleprompter tightly.
Note: When installing the adapter ring, you need to remove the UV mirror from the lens, otherwise the adapter ring may be locked together with the UV mirror resulting in unable to remove.
Exclusive Prompting APP
Compatible with IOS &Android system
The exclusive prompting APP (name: FEELWORLD), can be downloaded in smartphone and tablet, compatible with IOS & Android systems.
IOS user can search “FEELWORLD” on APP STORE to download APP
Android user can download the APP in the following ways:
1. Search “FEELWORLD” in Google Play to download.
2. Scan the QR code to download.
3. Download from the “Download” section of TP10 details page.
Note: We updated APP to new version, the new one increased following features:
1. Compatibility of Android phones
2. Adjust the position of playback content
3. Increased the adjustable range of font size
4. Android system can be downloaded directly in Google Play

Bluetooth Remote Control
The teleprompter is equipped with a bluetooh remote control which can remote control the prompting device within 100 meters. Supporting content in the APP play and pause, playing speed, font adjustment and other settings, which is easy to use.
Multiple 1/4”Standard Mounting Thread
Install equipment to enrich your shooting
There are two 1/4” standard size mounting threads on the top of the teleprompter and three 1/4” standard size mounting threads on the bottom. The bottom ones can be connected to a tripod, light stand, etc., and the top one can be installed with a microphone, fill light, etc., to enrich your shooting.
Note: The expanded 1/4 cold shoe seat need to be purchased separately.
Portable Sun Hood
The teleprompter is also equipped with a sun hood, which can effectively avoid light interference and make the prompted contents clearer.
Exquisite Customization Carrying Case
Portable and easy to carry, keep the equipment neat and organized
The exquisite customization carrying case can hold the teleprompter and all accessories in it, which is easy to carry and better protects the glass.
Optional Accessories
Solve your different needs
In order to avoid the poor supporting of the tablet clamp due to the weight of some tablets are heavy, the TP10 provides the optional accessories (telescopic support rod + clamp + mini hot shoe + 1/4 to 1/4 screw) to solve this problem , you can select according to your needs.
optional accessory telepromte