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DP-7407 Led Light Rechargeable


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Model No.: DP-7407
Battery Capacity: 800mAh
Voltage: AC 100—240V 50/60Hz
Current: AC 0.7A 0.9W
Light Power: 2W
Charge Time: 10 Hours
Using Time: 2.5 Hours


Large Capacity Battery:800mAh Rechargeable Battery
Charge Time : 10 Hours , Using Time : 2.5 Hours
To light up / close the camping light, only need to push the product up / down. Built-in hook
When the LED bulb is dark during usage, that means the battery is at the stage of discharging. At this moment, in order to protect the battery, please stop using, and charge it in time.(Please charge before the led bulb is dark fully, otherwise it would damage the battery)
Camping lantern should be usually used, please don’t long-term shelve it. If you don’t usually use it, please charge it every 3 months, or it would effect the battery life.

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