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DP-434 touch-sensitive night light with yellow light


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Power: yellow light 0.2W x 4 leds = 0.8 W
Super energy-saving, economical and extremely useful, helping your home space (stairs, bedroom, living room… always have light when it’s dark, very safe to use)
The product has 2 main colors: Pink and White, the shop will randomly ship the color depending on the batch.
Dimensions: 8.3 x 8.3 x 3 cm


The DP-434 touch-sensitive night light with yellow light turns on automatically when it’s dark, sophisticated, luxurious, convenient, pretty and durable design.
Product brand DP Led Light Ltd
Light-sensitive night light, when it’s dark, it automatically turns on, when it’s morning, it turns off automatically, very convenient
The instrument has a soft golden light, The design is lovely, luxurious, delicate, beautiful
Decorate the bedroom more lively and attractive.
Super bright LED, for just the right amount of light in your bedroom

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Weight 1 kg