Dark Light

Umbrella GenPro UMB-WB40 black silver white 2*1


Product Name:Flash Diffuser Umbrella
Color:Black, White
Material:Nylon(Black), Woven Polyester(White)
Suitable for:ID Photo, Character Model, Still Life Photography and More

250 EGP


This soft light umbrella diffuses light and eliminates or reduces the shadow of light, making the subject look soft and delicate
Works well with flash/strobe lights to diffuse and spread lights evenly, eliminate glares and spots
Folding design, easy to load, unload and carry
Ideal for portrait photography and small group shots as well as product photography
Suitable for all studio flashes. Ideal for portraits and object product shooting

Weight 0,300 kg

Studio umbrella for intense reflected light
The silver side enhances the colour contrasts, for harsh light and bright effects
With metal bracing and curved reflector surface