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TRIOPO KS2-90 90cm Octa Flash


Model: KS2
Material: Nylon material, Aluminum shaft
Size: Diameter: 90cm
Color: Black
Weight: 850g

1.100,00 EGP

1. Professional, 8-pole foldable octagon softbox.
2. On-camera flash light mount type, width adjustable to suit most flashes.
3. Can be handheld, the handle is angle adjustable; Can be mounted on light stand.
4. Adopt superior fabrics with exquisite workmanship and fine crease resistance, reflective effect is better.
5. With white soft cloth, make light soft and even.
6. Comes with a portable carry bag.

1. Shape: Octagon
2. Pole Quantity: 8
3. Frame material: Metal
4. Diameter: 90cm
5. Depth: 40cm
6. Fold length: 60.5cm
7. Mount Type: For On-camera Flash Light
8. Wight: 850g

Weight 1 kg