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Ring Light SM1888 I 18 Inch


Power : 60 W
Dimension : 18 inch
Color Temperature :2700 K-5600 K
LED bulbs:480 pcs
Item:18 inch LED Ring Light for Camera
CRI (Color Rendering Index):≥ 90 RA

1.799 EGP


Ring Light SM1888 I 18 Inch

Ring light efficiently removes sharp shadow, and is especially ideal for beauty facial photo-shoot.
It is easy to set up, mountable on any light stand and compatible with DSLR camera with
hot shoe mount adapter. With light diffuser, it produces neutral color and evenly spread light stream
for better photo-shoot environment.
Ring lights are essentially continuous light sources in the form of a circular bulb, which produces a good amount of light from all directions for the primary purpose of eliminating shadows and giving you those coveted “halo” catchlights in the eyes Ring Light is a highly affordable and effective choice. With a 18-inch diameter and a dedicated control for light intensity, this sizable ring light will be very visibly reflected in the subject’s eyes and can provide ample illumination for a wide range of subjects even at a low setting
Its pure white 5600K color temperature helps bring out all colors and ensures natural, great-looking skin. The 60W power also produces low heat, which allows you to move in much closer to your light and camera, which is often necessary for beauty videos wherein you’ll need to show the audience a closer view of your face.

Weight 3 kg

60 W