M-300 Light stand Aluminum Light Stand for Studio Flash Light


Material: Stainless Steel Light Stand
Brand : GenPro
Easy height adjustment
Minimum height: 270cm/106Inch
Maximum height: 135cm/53Inch
Max. load capacity: 17lb
Folded height: 38Inch
Net weight per light stand: 2.6kg
3 stage centre shaft: Min.Tube Diam: 25mm ;Mid. Tube Dian: 30mm ; Max.Tube Diam: 35mm


550.00 EGP 700.00 EGP

The stand is an extremely heavy duty light weight stand capable of withstanding enormous weights.
This ensures the stability of the stand, and the safety of lights and equipment set atop it.
The stand also features a reinforced steel structure that allows for heavy loads without shaking, it is ideal for wide scenery shots (i.e. on movie sets), or on any outdoor wide angle shoot sets.
Good loading capacity Best shockproof capability and fast For various equipment Avoid corrosion Feature Designed for studio lighting;
High quality surface processing; Avoid the corrosion in the worst outdoor environment.

Weight 3 kg