Dark Light

Holder 4 in 1 Light Lamp and Softbox

Model Number: FX-D04 Holder Kit
Brand Name: GenPro
Power Supply: AC110V-240V/50-60Hz
4 Socket Lamp Head: about 14cm in Diameter, Fit E27 Socket.
Dimension: 15*10.5*18cm
Continuous Lighting: Non-flash lighting compatible with all cameras without syncing

599 EGP


The four-stand lamp can be used for photography in studios or workshops.
With two independent on/off switches, you can control 2 bulbs.
The ideal continuous lighting source. The safe and reliable lamp is easy to operate.
50 x 70 SOFTBOX: White soft foldable fabric, high quality reflective particles. Safe and non-toxic polyester fiber

Package Content :-
Studio Soft Boxes(50×70)
Four-Bulb Light Bank Holders

Weight 2 kg

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