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Hearing Aid Battery A675/P675 Beston Zinc Air 1.4V


70 EGP


Hearing Aid Battery A675/P675 is a popular battery for in- canal hearing aids.
What makes the A675 Zinc Air battery unique is that it uses oxygen from the atmosphere. It has a small hole in the case that allows air into the battery, which is used as part of the chemical reaction. The A675 battery is not activated until the plastic seal is removed. Typical applications are hearing aids, pagers and personal medical instruments.

With the A312 high quality Beston Brand Zinc Air battery, you will experience fewer battery replacements, clearer tones, less distortion, and longer service life. These batteries give the highest energy density of any battery system and are environmentally safe.

Type: Zinc Air
Voltage: 1.4V
Capacity: 520mAh
Quantity: 6 Batteries

Weight 0,25 kg