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Godox 10PC optical Snoot


6.999 EGP


Godox SA-17 adapter is used to mount the SA-P1 Projection Attachment to Bowens LED continuous lights. With the SA-17, you gain access to more light control and the ability to use many accessories dedicated to the S30/S60 system. Note: The SA-17 is not compatible with the SL-100Bi, SL-100D and other lamps with a heatsink that blocks mounting.
Expanded compatibility
SA-17 adapter allows users of Bowens-mount LED lights to unleash unlimited creativity by fitting the SA-P1 Projection Attachment. Users who already own an S30 light can now apply their SA-P1 Projection Attachment and its accessories to their other Bowens mount lights.

Projection Attachment SA-P1
The SA-P1 gives you the ability to project a controlled beam of light that increases further with three dedicated lenses (available separately). The projection cap with lens is an optical modifier that allows you to project a diffused soft circle or a focused hard circle of light.

85mm Lens
Designed for Godox S30 LED lamp to give the possibility of precise control over the light beam.
The lens is light and handy, and its assembly does not cause any problems.

The modifiers work with the Godox SA-P1 projection attachment and the Godox S30 LED lamp.
The Gobos are 3″ (7,5cm) diameter.

Godox SA-07
Set of 4 framing shutters, fits the Godox S30 LED lamp, but the use of the SA-P1 projection overlay is required.

Weight 4 kg