ER-8719D Professional Heavy duty Reclined Rotatable Boom Stand


Stand Height Max – 2.30m
Stand Height Min – 1.40m
Boom Arm length Max – 2.20m
Boom Arm length Min – 1.25m
It has a pivoting boom arm which extends over 260cm
Maximum 10kg Load Capacity Ideal for use with heavier lights and modifiers
On wheels to allow you to move it around the studio with ease
Height of the boom can be changed without affecting the angle of your light
Ideal for when you need to get your lights overhead
Independently lockable wheels for extra security
Includes 5kg sandbag counterweight and an interchangeable 5/8″ spigot with 1/4″ and 3/8″ screw

3,250.00 EGP

This heavy duty boom stand is ideal for getting your lighting into those hard to reach places whilst still allowing you easy adjustabiltiy on your lighting head.
A super heavy duty boom stand suitable for flash strobe studio lighting.
It’s rated to hold a light and modifier rig of up to 10kg and is perfect for getting extra height or elevation for studio flashes.
Mount a variety of different modifiers including large octagon softboxes, strip boxes, beauty dishes and more
t features a handle which you can reposition along the boom arm to control the movement of the boom stand, as well as a heavy duty counterweight to ensure full stability of your lighting rig.
It also features a rotating wheel at the bottom end of the boom arm to control the tilt of the flash head and spigot which comes in handy especially once the boom is fully mounted and you need to reposition the tilt of your lighting head

Weight 19 kg