Eirmai EMB-DQ310B Camera Bag


Model Number:EMB-DQ310B
Brand Name:Eirmai
Type:Soft Bag
Size:410*300*140 mm

800.00 EGP 1,000.00 EGP

The Eirmai EMB-DQ310B Graphite (DGR) Photo Backpack has the capacity to carry what a photographer needs.
It is ideal for carrying the camera, lens, flash, tablet, notebook, etc.
It has a comfortable and safe design at the same time, it is also waterproof for unexpected weather occasions.
Contains removable, padded interior storage with dividers to store and organize camera, lens, and accessories.
The additional compartments allow you to carry accessories such as extra batteries, chargers, books, notebook, tablet, etc. It contains an internal stretch pocket for a glass or bottle, a strap at the base of the backpack to carry a tripod and a USB connector on its side.
This backpack is made of waterproof materials.
It has a rain cover inside and is safe from any water related problems.


Weight 2 kg