Dark Light

E600 RGB Color 40W 3200K-5600K LED


2.199 EGP


1. High brightness soft photography light, suitable for live fill light / portrait shooting / creative shooting, etc.
2. 3200K-5600K color temperature arbitrary adjustment, so that the light is more balanced
3. Scientific design lamp bead layout, so that the light projection more uniform, higher brightness, low light decay lamp beads long service life
4. Color rendering index up to 95 above, the light is close to natural light, high color reproduction
5. Four-leaf metal baffle, open to gather light, control the light range, close can effectively protect the lamp bead safety
6. Support dual power supply, adapter power supply / NP-F series lithium battery power supply (batteries are included)

E600 tricolor temperature / E600 RGB.
1. Voltage: 7.4v
2. Actual power: 40w
3. Number of lamp beads: white: 240 pieces, warm: 240 pieces / white: 160 pieces, warm: 160 pieces, RGB 40 pieces
4. Remote distance: 20M
5. Wire length: 3M
6. Lamp body size: 21 x 12 x 2.7 cm
7. Color temperature: 3200-5600k
8. Brightness adjustment: induction dimming
9. Color rendering index: greater than or equal to 95
10. Adapter power supply: DC 12-14V

Weight 2 kg

Color Temperature

3200K, 5600K, RGB