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BESTON USB 1.5V D Size Rechargeable Lithium Battery (1Pack)


Brand: Beston
Model: DLC-40
Type: D size Lithium
Energy :6000mWh/1.5V 4000mAh
Voltage : 1.5V
Input: 5V 700±50mA
Output: 1.5V 1.5A (Max)
Cycle Life time up to 1000 times (Max)
Rechargeable via USB Type C Slot.

440 EGP


The BESTON USB Rechargeable Lithium Battery is the most convenient Rechargeable Battery as it features a USB Port for easy charging.

Constant Voltage output gives you the benefit of knowing your device is always getting the correct voltage. Always outputs 1.5V, even if the battery power gets low, this battery will always output 1.5V until the battery is out of power. Please note that as this battery gives off Constant Voltage throughout its cycle, devices that have a feature that reads voltage to show you how much power is left in the battery will not give you the correct feedback.
LED Charging indicator Status lets you know if the battery is charging (Green Light Flashing) or is Fully Charged (Green Light ON).
Built-in Safety features such as Overcharge, Overvoltage, Short circuit, Overpower, Overcurrent, and Over Temperature Protection.

Weight 0,100 kg