BESTON Charger 9V


Brand: Beston
Model: BST-C8006
LED display
USB port 5V 2A
Usage:Electronic Devices

75.00 EGP

Charge for 1-2pcs 9V Li-ion battery
can charge 2 batteries at the same time, has a charge indicator light and automatically disconnects when fully charged.
The charger can fully charge the battery in 3-4 hours.
After full, the LED indicator will turn green and completely disconnect the battery from the charger
BESTON charger supports charging up to 2 9V rechargeable batteries, automatically disconnects when full battery is extremely safe
Compact, handy charger, Easy to take with you for travel. Intelligent design, minimizes reverse battery mounting, prevents damage to the battery and charging device
Beston 9V voltage Used for: karaoke microphone, clock

Weight 1 kg